idi INGEGNERIA DEGLI IDROCARBURI also has an IT department which mainly deals to provide support to the various disciplines in relation to the various specialist applications (Intergraph, ESAin applications etc.).

Internal technical and management systems:

  • TANGRAM - Software for management of material lists. It can be joint with SmartPlant Materials for piping classes and with PDS and ESAPro for material lists
  • DIRM - Software for the management of construction site material requests
  • ORDI - Software for the management of requests for quotations, technical tabulations and related orders
  • GEXP - Software expediting management
  • SUMA - Software for the management of pipe supports and related material
  • GEDI - Software for the management of project documentation

CAD systems:

  • Tekla Structures
  • ESA Pro 3d Piping
  • ESA Pro Isometrics

Other systems:

  • SAP2000 ®