idi INGEGNERIA DEGLI IDROCARBURI is structured in specialized units capable of providing concerted services in all areas of specialization, such as Chemical, Petrochemical and Natural Gas.
Our operational areas include:

The Process Service is available to develop specialized activities such as Feasibility Studies and Basic Engineering and assist the Technical Disciplines throughout the entire process of a Project up to Detailed Engineering, Construction Assistance and Start-up.
In detail, the Process Service is available for all related typical activities such as definition of Studies, processing of material balances with simulator, processing of process and running diagrams, sizing and processing of Main Item Process Specifications, processing of Process documents / HSE for the Authorities, definition of the Electrical Classification of Hazardous Areas of the Plant, assistance in HAZOP and SIL Studies, etc.”.
Transportation systems
idi INGEGNERIA DEGLI IDROCARBURI carries out the fluid-dynamic study of the system, in order to ensure the optimization of the compression, pumping stations and collection networks.

We also carry out the rough surveys of the layouts and the detailed plan-altimetric surveys, based on the specific needs of the customer.

Finally, for the study of transport systems, the company is available for the determination of heat losses and the finalization of the mechanical characteristics of the pipelines.

Structures and civil works
About civil works, idi INGEGNERIA DEGLI IDROCARBURI carries out topographic surveys and study of earth movements, with consultancy and design for:

  • Civil and industrial buildings in reinforced concrete cast on site or partially prefabricated
  • Foundations of machines and equipment, for storage tanks
  • Accumulation tanks and water treatment and purification plants
  • Metallic structures, new or revamped
  • Road networks inside the plant and crossings.

Finally, we propose the development of a complete study for prefabricated modules.

Sea Works
The company is also available for the supervision of sea works, such as:

  • Mooring facilities
  • Modeling of jacket structures

We carry out checks, calculations, modeling and design for HVAC systems.

Electrical systems
The company is specialized in the study and creation of electrical diagrams with the preparation of the related electrical load balances.

All the necessary feasibility studies are carried out, providing technical and economic evaluations of the various solutions, also with classification of hazardous areas according to international regulations.

Assistance is also provided in the context of the design and processing of technical specifications relating to electrical panels and transformer cabins, drives for a.c. and d.c. motors, lighting and communication systems.

Instrumentation and control
In this area idi deals with:

  • Definition of the functional specifications of the "Instrumentation System" (control philosophy, type of instrumentation, plant solutions, applicable regulations and standards, etc.)
  • Definition of the fundamental criteria for the instrumentation of the "Package Systems".